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Baby Prints 


baby hand and feetOur baby hands and feet outprints are a unique and individual choice for gifts, especially for Grandparents, family and friends or just as your own perfect keepsake

We love to help you produce and create a lasting memory of babies and toddlers handprints and footprints.

Capturing these are a wonderful memento for you and your family.  You'll be amazed that they were ever that small. Even after your children have grown up and left home you'll be able to look back and remember how small they actually were once.


hand print on vasefoot print on plateOur baby and toddler Hand and footprints can also be produced onto ceramics like plates or mugs, or practically any piece of ceramic pottery that you so desire. They make wonderful gifts for any mother, father or grandparent, that they will treasure forever.

baby hand and foot framed print

A unique 3D Impression of your babies hands and/or feet. First, we help you make your own imprint of your child's feet or hands,  then we make a plaster cast of your imprint. Please note that you need to book this.

You can choose from a selected range of specialist finishes which we can apply to your cast.

Each print comes complete with frame, engraved name plaque and a choice of finish

Hand and foot Print £55 (no glass) or £65 in a box frame with glass

hand in hand print

Double hand print £70

dog prints

Dog prints by strict appointment only